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Food Los Angeles

" $10 Daily Specials :::::....
Monday - Beef Stroganoff
Beef stroganoff over pasta
Tuesday - Fricasse de Frango
Chicken stew in a white wine and garlic cream sauce with vegetables served with rice
Wednesday - Spaghetti a Portuguesa
Marinara sauce made with fresh roma tomatoes, mushrooms, basil, seasoned ground
beef and Portuguese ground sausage served over angel hair pasta
Thursday - Carne Estufada
Braised beef stew in a red wine mushroom sauce served with oven roasted
rosemary potatoes served with house salad
Friday, Saturday & Sunday - Frango Assado
Roasted half chicken served with baked fries and salad $14.95"

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Tumby's Pizza

Daily Specials
Tumby's Pizza / Pasta
Pasta Lovers
Chicken Sandwich
Small Pizza

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Neli's Catering & Restaurant

$15.00 minimum delivery, $2.00 delivery fee within 3 miles.

Cup - $2.50 | Bowl $3.75
Tuesday, February 21
Split Pea
Black Bean
Cream of Mushroom

Lunch Special
Tuesday, February 21
Two Chili Cheese Hot Dogs with Onions. Served with French Fries or Onion Rings.

A La Carte - $4.00 | w/ Dinner Salad - $7.50

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